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Case Studies



The Environment Agency

For nearly 20 years we have supported the enforcement activities of the Environment Agency nationally, with a broad range of courses designed to assist their officers to de-escalate or avoid hostile situations, or as a very last resort to deploy proportionate, lawful appropriate and necessary force to bring violent people under control. Where powers exist to do so, control, restraint and arrest techniques, including the use of handcuffs are taught through theory and practical scenarios. Certain employees are granted the powers of a constable when working under specific legislation and can be trained in the use of expandable batons. The range of training provided includes mentoring, straightforward personal safety & conflict resolution, ‘breakaway’ tactics, control & restraint, handcuffing and baton.

Our approach to training is very flexible and with our extensive resources, we are able to design and develop training for government and other Authority specialists who face everything from violence and abuse at contentious public meetings, lone workers, officers who enforce legislation relevant to our network of waterways, canals and locks, flood ambassadors and those who work with volunteers, to name just a few. Everything we do is underpinned by the core topics of conflict management. Our objective is that enforcement officers avoid physical confrontation wherever possible, their aim being always to seek voluntary compliance and a peaceful solution.

Inshore Fisheries Conservation Authority

We have developed and regularly deliver theoretical and physical skills to these officers who are based in small groups around our coastline. We have developed bespoke courses to assist them to deal with verbal and physical aggression when boarding small commercial vessels at sea to check quotas, quantities and sizes. They are obviously very exposed to this type of abuse and have to be very resourceful as assistance is never readily available and weapons aboard fishing boats are plentiful. The defensive tactics we teach are practiced on board boats, whilst dressed in the full safety clothing required at sea.

The Courts & Bailiffs.

Niton Training offers comprehensive training to those involved in debt recovery, including High Court Enforcement Officers. These individuals are at considerable risk of physical violence.


Niton Training is highly respected in many areas of healthcare, including major hospitals, secure psychiatric establishments, dementia care and general practice.

One of the best examples of the capabilities we have available is where we were able to move the security arrangements at a major NHS Trust from a point where the Health & Safety Executive had served an Improvement Notice to ISO Gold Standard over a period of two years. The in-house security team is amongst the best trained in the UK and there has been a significant reduction in violence and aggression as a result of regular and ongoing training over many years.

For secure facilities, we provide alternative and safer equipment and training for restraint of those detained under Mental Health legislation. Comprehensive courses in building, area and grounds search for concealed weapons, drugs, etc. are also delivered on request.

Niton Training is one of the few providers who can offer the very specialised non-pain compliance interventions which may sometimes be required when caring for the elderly and mentally infirm and those suffering from dementia.


Our ever-expanding list of open courses includes various general health and safety courses, manual handling, one and three day First Aid qualifications, mentoring and teaching courses for adult education. We also offer group training in conflict management, ‘breakaway’, control and restraint and handcuffing, for all of which certification is available.


Our policy is to always consult with managers, ‘shadow’ officers and teams and ensure that existing policies, procedures and S.O.P’s are fit for purpose. Where poor or non-existent documentation is present, we will offer to develop these for our clients.

Where required by clients, we are able to provide external certification through the NCFE “Customised Qualifications (CQ)” system. We also have the capability to investigate and consult on particularly difficult or sensitive matters and provide options to resolve practical operational problems, whilst also reducing the risk to employees.

Our overriding concern is that everything that we teach is ‘court credible’ and will stand in-depth cross-examination in any court. We only teach methods taught to UK police officers.